Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Father in Heaven.....

How far away is heaven? It is not so far as some imagine. It wasn’t very far from Daniel. It was not so far off that Elijah’s prayer, and those of others could not be heard there. Christ said when you pray say, “Our Father, who art in heaven.” Men full of the Spirit can look right into heaven.
D. L. Moody

My day is not going as well as I planned it. Everything just seems to spin out of control, my job, my family, my children, and the emotional upheaval is probably not a good combination. I yelled at my husband for no reason... oh what a day. My five year old asked me if I was OK? Then she turned around and said that she is going into her room to pray for me. Shame, humility and amazement hit me with a jolt, as I realized that my little one knows how to calm the storm in our hearts. Just close your eyes and pray.

We all need someone to pray for us, when we are feeling down, when we are angry or upset. We need someone to stand there for us holding the ground, petitioning for Gods help. Even if that someone is only five... it still works. Amazing! The awesome power of prayer... our thoughts, soft words spoken in half whisper, a song sung from the heart... God hears the soft request, the tired sigh, the cry for help.

Dear Father in heaven,
Forgive me for my anger, impatience and the childish outbursts..
Teach me to come to You when the going gets though, rocky or when my spirit feels bruised. Heal my heart and help me to be a better mother, a loving wife, and a better christian everyday. You can hear me, like you heard my little five year old. Increase my faith in You and teach me to be like a child in my walk toward you.

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