Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lead me my strong husband.

Love this song. I always wanted to know why we crave a strong male leadership in our life. Why do we as little girls need our dad to be there for us, why do we look up for love, for understanding, and when we don't find it in our father, we seek for love elsewhere, sometimes in many boyfriends, sometimes with wrong crowds. We get in trouble, emotionally and physically. We are attracted to strong, masculine men, who are strong as a rock. Who will be there for us emotionally and physically. We need that in our life, like we need water. That's how I see God as well. Strong as a rock, capable to move mountains, loves me unconditionally, died for me, has redeemed me, rescued me, and in the end will carry me over the thresh hold of our heavenly kingdom.

When we get married we have such beautiful dreams, about loving each other and being such good wives to our husbands, how we would never let them down, how he would love us and wash dishes for us every night, and rub my feet every night, and bring me coffee to bed every morning.... well it sure is unrealistic sometimes. We get married and we wake up from the beautiful dream we were making for our self. Sometimes its a bit of a hard stop. Every marriage goes through tough times, its the learning to stick it out through all the hard stops, learning to love each other more strongly and learning to trust God to guide you both to the right destination. I hope you are in a good spot in your marriage, and I hope God is guiding you every step of the way in the season of life you are going through.

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