Sunday, November 7, 2010

From death to life!!

He knew his friend was ill, he knew that he was dying, and he loved him very much. He waited another two days, which was very hard, but he knew it was for the glory of God. Finally the time came for him to go to his friend, his disciples were worried, afraid that the Jews would stone him. But he wasn’t afraid, he explained to them that he walks in the light, for he is light.

Sometimes we as people don’t like the light, we would rather stay in the dark. We rather hide from the light, but then we stumble and fall. Then he said that his friend is asleep and that he was going to wake him. The disciples didn’t know that he was talking about death. We as people don’t like death. To us it’s a scary, sad experience. We don’t talk about death, try not to think about it, try to ignore it. Feel uncomfortable if someone is dying, don’t really know how to feel, or what to say. But to Jesus it is like sleeping, like a dream to be awakened from.

He went to a long journey and came to his friends house. Where the sisters were crying and sad. The oldest sister came to him and said that if only he was here earlier her brother would not have died. She knew that he was the son of God, and she knew that he performed miracles. Jesus told her that he was the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in him will never die. What power we have in Jesus, knowing that if we believe in him, and he lives in us, we have resurrection and the life in us. We will never die. We should not be afraid of death, Jesus has conquered death.

Then came her sister who started to cry, as she fell at his feet, “If only you were here, my brother would not have died,” and he wept for her, for the people, for you and me, when we are sad and crying.

He went to the tomb. There was a heavy rock before the cave. A heavy stone. Before we can see a miracle we need to remove the rock of sin, a rock of darkness, or a rock of doubt from the entrance. But the oldest sister had doubt, “Lord, its been four days…” to which Jesus replied, “Just believe, and you will see the glory of God.” Sometimes we need to believe too, and we will see the glory of God, his awesome power, his healing touch, his love and kindness. Just like Martha and Mary have experienced when their dead brother came out, and was alive again.
(John 11)

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