Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall is here finally...

The nights are turning colder, the days are shorter. The sun is not as hot anymore, the wind has more bite to it. Yep, the fall season is here alright. One early morning, I went on a ride, enjoying the beauty of the season, the fresh air, the quiet and the cold. Thinking my thoughts, rain drops hitting my face and camera.
 (the first two pictures I took the day before, while we had blue skies and sunshine)
 I was dealing with some seasonal blues myself. A bit sad, a bit unhappy with the summer ending, I loved the warm air, the flowers that were blooming in my yard, the homegrown tomatoes. But with the change of the season, it all had to stop. With the rain the flowers fell, the tomatoes started to mold and stopped producing, the sunshine turned to cold rain. They call it a seasonal depression. I call it unwilling to let go of summer.
 It rained during the night, and early into the morning. You can still see the drops on the leaves and wild berries. The beauty took my breath away. Woke me up.

By taking the beauty walk, or drive this morning, it opened my eyes to the lovely colors. The royal quietness of the season, that is preparing us for the colder months. As the trees change the green appearance to an orange, red or yellow dress, makes me change my attitude and be open to new possibilities. God has truly created a lovely season. A season of colorful leaves, thankfulness and learning to let go.

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