Sunday, November 8, 2009

Take a nature walk.

I took a walk with my girls down our street on this beautiful, crisp fall day. Every time we take a walk we get to see something new and exciting. I love it. Today we noticed a pomegranate tree.

Then in the little field that is to our right side we saw some wild turkeys grazing on the green, fresh grass.

The girls love it when we take walks. Ariana rides her bike, Odelia pushes her dolly in her baby stroller, and I push Leona in her stroller, as she gazes all around and claps her hands. Here are some orange berries that I thought looked interesting.

And here are all the treasures the girls brought back home.

Its funny how I can hide the fact that we live in a large city... can you tell?


  1. Thise pictures are beautiful!!!!!

  2. I love the pictures, Lena, what a great job!

  3. I can't tell from your post that you live in a large city. That's amazing!

  4. I never would have guessed that you live in a big city! The pictures are great - how is your dad?


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