Saturday, November 14, 2009

The life of a child...

Oh, how wonderful it is to be a child.. carefree, free spirited, with no worries or problems to think off.

If only we could go back into the carefree days, and know that everything is being taken care of. That someone else will make sure we have everything we really need in our everyday life. So we can be carefree and run around just enjoying each day.

To love and be loved, to smile, to laugh and enjoy life. To climb a tree. (well maybe not) :)

To look for treasures in the everyday, like a piece of stick or a rock...:)

Being adults we forget that God takes care of us just like we are his little children. If only we could let Him take care of everything for us, and trust in his ever powerful strength and wisdom. He knows best and letting him help us today, and trust him to help us tomorrow, we can live in peace. I often worry too much and forget that God will help me if only I will ask him to do so...

Help me Lord to trust you and know that you will take care of me, and will take care of all my tomorrows.

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