Saturday, November 28, 2009

In having a child.

With having three little girls, I get a constant stream of questions from everyone to find out if we are going to try for a boy? Its almost funny to see people's reactions when I tell them that, "Yes I will have another baby when the Lord deems appropriate for us." Usually everyone think I am a bit crazy for wanting to 'try' for a boy, when we already have 3 girls. While we can 'try' all we want, but only God knows who we will have as our 4th child. How can anyone even know for sure? For my next child God may bless me with another girl again, which is just fine with me, since I love having girls, and they bring such sweetness to my family. Why do people think that we will 'try' for a boy next time anyway? I mean is there a special way of 'trying'?? Is there like some kind of rule to follow? Its almost funny to talk about this. When only God will know the gender of my 4th child. I also told everyone that when I do get pregnant with my 4th child, I will not find out the gender until delivery... so Ha!! No one will know until baby arrives.

Then another funny thing is, how I even can think about having another child, when I have a 10 month old baby girl. I wonder too sometimes, why do I even think about being pregnant, or going into labor, or having another child, when its was just recently that I had a little one... I think I am getting addicted to being pregnant, and having a little newborn to hold on to.... Because it is very precious indeed. Don’t you think so?


  1. Oh I do believe that the desire for more children comes from the Lord. It's a natural, motherly desire!

    I look forward to reading more - on Cassandra's recommendation!

  2. YEP, we are crazy all right. I'm the same way.

    AND the funny thing was when we got our boy everyone thought we were done. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

    I havent told anyone else that we STILL arent done.


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