Monday, January 23, 2012

38 weeks and gardening.

I am 38 weeks pregnant now, wow, how did I reach this date so fast? I will be 39 weeks on Friday, I wonder if according to my dream baby will come on Saturday, the 28th. I guess we can just wait and see. Went to get my NST's done today again. In half hour that I was there, they only spotted one contraction, and I didn't even feel it. The baby's heart beat was perfect like always, but my ob wants to be safe, so that is why they do the NST(fetal non-stress test).

I feel great for being fully pregnant, and full term. Braxton hicks come and go, sometimes I get like 10-15 a day, sometimes less. They are more intense now, not like they used to be, when they first started at week 20.  The girls keep asking me when baby will get here? Only God knows, he sets up birthdays.

I finished packing my hospital bag last night, got the car seat cleaned and ready. I am so excited that my 3 year old is finally fully potty trained. She was my hardest, or longest one to train. Now only my little newborn will need diapers. Huge money saver. So I am ready to go, now just wait and see.

I wonder when I can order my seeds to start growing things for my garden. I have two catalogs that I love to browse through. The first one is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The second one is Bountiful Gardens. Oh the things we imagine our garden will look like come spring and summer, more beautiful, more lush, with more vegetables, and flowers. I want to plant many different varieties this year. I cant wait! I am also ordering many gardening books from the library on gardening, and other interesting things pertaining to gardening, growing, seeds, compost and others.... so fun!
Here are some of the books I want to own: Creating a Forest Garden, Edible front yard, 
and The complete compost Gardening Guide.

Gardening is so much fun to dream and plan about, especially when it is cold and gray outside. But first things first, which is getting my body ready for a painless blessed birth experience, and praying and hoping for the best one yet!

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