Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I love a new year. A new beginning, a new page, a new start in life. Every year its the same way, the first week is always exciting with new changes I want to accomplish, new journals I want to start, new things I want to try. Then after a few days the new wears off, and it feels old again, even though it is still new and fresh. The calendar hanging on my wall is brand new, a new planner in my purse... but why does the newness wears off so quick. If I make new years resolutions, I quickly fall back into my old habits. I wonder why I do that?
 This year has passed so quickly. I was busy with my family, working full time, getting pregnant. I felt like I didn't have time for anything, didn't have time to read, or even read my favorite blogs.
This week is my last at work, maybe life will slow down some. But I am due in February, so life with a newborn is never boring or slow, that's for sure.

I wish that this year will be happy, full of sunshine, and love for all of us. We open our doors to all the blessings from heaven, and we will not open them to worry, stress or fear.

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