Sunday, February 5, 2012

A new day.

Every day we open our eyes its a new day! We can start fresh every morning. I opened my eyes today, the weather was beautiful, blue skies, sunshine, birds chirping, such  a good day to be born. Yes, I am hoping my baby will be born today. I am getting contractions off and on, so we will see.

I was reading this book, and there was a saying in it that I really liked. Maybe you will like it too?

~~ Every day has its own gift.~~

Isn't that just so true. Sometimes the gifts we receive are not as fun, or make us happy, but I believe every gift could be for our good, for us to learn to be better, more generous, more kind, happy instead of sad. That every gift could be hiding a special something inside, that we will understand over a period of time.

Like every season has its reason. Cold air, wind, rain, snow in the winter. Sunshine, flowers, rain, green grass in the spring. Hot air, mosquitoes, gardening, swimming in the summer. And in the fall we have colorful leaves, browns, getting cold, some rain. See every season has its reason and there is a reason for each thing that happens. That is how it is with us too. Every day we can learn, or suffer. We can choose to be happy, or complain. We always have a choice. Even the bible has a saying that I love.

Deu 30:19I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.~~

So you see we have the power to choose life or death everyday. Every day we make that choice. And every day there is a book that is written in heaven about our life, so that one day we will come before the Lord and Savior and he will see what he have chosen here on earth, that is what we will have in heaven too. By choosing love, kindness, generosity, soft sweet words, we automatically choose heaven and all its blessings, but when we choose to be grouchy and mean, and selfish, well then its the opposite. Its all in our choices. Lets make good, wise choices every day, so we wont be ashamed to come before God on the first day when we close our eyes here forever.

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