Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Start to count the blessings.

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
 ~Ps 9:1

I decided on day 6th of the New Year to start recording or writing down the everyday blessings that I see surrounding me. It is so easy to think that nothing good ever happens to me, no blessings from above, nothing to smile or be joyful about. I guess someone (devil) is really trying to make us blind, deaf and ungrateful to the Lord above, he knows how to steal, how to kill and destroy, so no wonder the joy of every morning is lost so fast in the everyday shuffle of business. Since this was my last day at work, I had to get used to a new routine. A new way of making my way, putting little stops to be thankful, to pray, to sing, to find joy and happiness in the every day.

So what am I thankful for?
1/6/12- on last day at work... Thank you Lord for:

1. cold (37 degree) morning
2. frost on my windshield
3. the darkness of early morning
4. hearing my dad's voice on my cell as I talked to him on my way to work- blessings of technology
5. a hot cup of vanilla latte on my last day to work... yum, I will miss those
6. a dog in the car next to mine, who did not bark or growl, just watched me go :) (i don't really care for dogs-they scare me)
7. happiness that comes from above
8. yummy vanilla cupcakes, with mocha frosting my coworker made for me, so sweet...:)
9. blue baby boy things that were gifted to me by my coworkers
10. being alive and pregnant, 36 weeks today! with no apparent pain or discomfort, some women have all kinds of problems in their last month, or through out their pregnancy, I feel for them.

1st day home.... dont have to get up so early....oh so sweet..:) Thank you Lord:
11. taking early morning walk, fresh air, sunshine
12. making myself and my kids awesome breakfast, sweet rolls with raspberries and strawberries
13. getting to clean and organize my house
14. being able to read and study the bible more, to listen to sermons, and beautiful music
15. getting to know my children again, its hard to do when you work full time...
16. cooking, eating, resting when ever I want or need
17. wondering and praying for baby boy to come.... hoping for a blessed birth experience

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