Friday, May 7, 2010

Should Christians watch TV?

My dream.
I know not every one would even READ this note, as I long ago realized that people tend to steer clear of things that make them in any way uncomfortable, but if you love God, and love your children, I do hope you will read this, as it changed my life.

I'd like to share my dream that I saw years ago. Back then, I had just one child. We had bought a small TV, and without realizing it, have become quite involved in it, watching it every evening, or whenever we had a moment free. Our daughter would sit with us, and watch with us whatever we were watching.

Then I started talking with my husband, I didn't think it was good that we were so involved with TV, and watching it often, and especially our daughter watching with us. We were loosing good quality time together as a family, and with God. My husband agreed with me, but didn't really do anything about it.

Every day I was getting more distressed about it, and prayed to God to help us deal with this.

One morning, I got up to help my husband get ready for work, and after he left, I went back to bed. And I saw a dream, or a vision, as some people say.

In my house, I see a man. He was horrid to look at. He was short, and had shaggy dirty clothes on him, he stood sort of bent- like an old man. He had dirty matted hair that hung to his shoulders. His face was scary, he had colorless eyes that kept twitching back and forth, and he had froth coming out of his mouth.

And instead of walking- he jumped- hopped from one place to another.

I got very upset and distressed seeing him in MY house, and opened the door, and made him leave.

He came back into the house THROUGH the walls, and no matter how much times I kept putting him outside , he kept coming back.

I was even more upset, because I couldn't get him to stay out.

Then I saw an even scarier picture. I saw the devil- for I knew by then that thats what he was- I saw him sitting on the floor, and in front of him sat my daughter, watching him, and beside her sat my future children, I saw their souls, and they were all sitting there in front of him, and he was feeding them each with a spoon.

I woke up. I was very shaken, and saw that only 10 min has passed since I let my husband out the door to go to work, and I called him to share my dream. We immediately knew what God was showing us, that by keeping the TV in the house, and watching it, we were keeping the devil in the house, and by DOING SO, my children would be FED by it, and that truly scared us.

You feed your soul with what you see, and what you hear, and you feed your children's souls the same way. You cant keep Christ and evil in the same room. We will all be in front of our Creator one day, and God will ask me what I did with my life, and how I raised my children.

We repented of our sin, and threw our TV, along with any unchristian books or magazines that we had, or anything else that we could find, and freed our home from the grasp of the devil, and now know that its up to us to live our life how we choose so. But let me tell you, you cannot live for both masters, its either Holy, or evil.

This is a life long lesson for us, and I will forever remember the dream that I saw that morning, and how God gives us the chance to live for the better, to cleanse our souls, to reach our destination of eternal peace.

{this was a dream my sister Oksana has seen, and it really scared me, thats why I wanted to share this with everyone, maybe it will make someone else realize that what we  bring into our homes may not always be the best things for our soul and our childrens souls.}

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  1. We didn't have a TV for the first 3 years of our married life - amazing years!! Then one day I came home to find my sister-in-law (who felt sorry for us) had dropped off her second hand TV for us (they had bought a new one). The offer made my wife think maybe it woudn't be so bad to have a TV - we could play DVD's etc on for our our first child. Now some 12 years later we still have a TV and I hate it. Maybe I am weak but the home belongs to my wife and children as well and my wife watches it most nights of the week. It is a relationship robber and it spews forth its filth into our home. I feel stuck!!!


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