Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gardening for fun.

I love gardening, and I do it as an experiment, to grow different types of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits. This is my second year in gardening. This year I planted much more than last year. Last year I only had tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and some flowers. This spring I looked through many seed catalogs, and picked quite a few of different seeds. Since I love to experiment, I planted all kind of things in a small gardening area that I have and so far I am loving it. Here is some mint, it has wintered through the season, and now is bigger then ever. The green velvet leaves are sure a nice addition to my garden. I will be able to make iced tea in the summer and add a few chopped leaves of mint for flavor...:)
Here is some lavender that I planted this spring. The purple little flowers smell delicious, and they are supposed to scare the mosquitoes away. Wont that be nice?
Here are some tomatoes I planted. I have about 20 bushes of all kinds of varieties in my garden... I cant wait to gather some red, delicious fruit and make a tomato salad.... Yum!
And here are my tiny cucumber plants, still tiny and far from bearing any fruit.
My favorite is this beautiful salad mix, I have no idea the real name of it. But I do love the amazing colors of it. Then you will see some other lettuce mixes.. pretty as well.

The leaves on the beets look awesome too. I am funny, huh?
Here are some snap-peas... another favorite.

Yea, I think I got a bit carried away with my peas pictures, huh? :)
This lovely sight is a sunflower.
And lets not forget my onions... Everyone needs onions. They are good for your health, and are awesome in tomato and cucumber salad... I think I am getting hungry again.
I believe I will need to come back to my flower garden some other time...:)
So with good soil, with plenty of compost, water, and sunshine and I hope I will have an interesting garden this year. As I said earlier I do this for fun, to show my children how everything grows, and for myself to see the awesome beauty of a garden, grown from seed. The amazing miracle of it all. :)

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  1. Hi Lena~
    I can't wait to start planting our herbs and flowers on our decks! It's still too cold in MN for me to do that. Maybe next weekend. Loved your pictures tho and really makes me want to get outside!



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