Saturday, April 24, 2010

The love so true-it hurts.

He loves me so much
He cheers me up when I am down
He knows my moods, my joys, my tears
He cares for me, takes care of all the things that I dont want to do myself
He forgives and forgets often
He laughs at me, and lets me laugh at him
He cares for our children
He is a strong wall where I can hide from this world
I know that he will support me, and help me with my mistakes and shortcomings
He is someone who I can ask questions and someone who listens to my answers
He is a gift from God.
But God is my true love
He knows my ways
He knows my faults
He knows my heart
He has created me
He has known me before I was born
He knows my future and my past
He lifts me up when I am down
He knows all the answers to all my questions
He knows all of my thoughts, my hopes, my wishes
He has forgiven me of all my sins, has died for me
He will come for me, when he will wipe every tear from my eye
He is the One
He is the Only
He is the Lover of my soul
His name is Jesus.
Lord and Savior.

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