Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 year anniversary.

I have been married for ten years now.... Wow, it sure went by quick. There were a lot of lessons we learned from each other, a lot of bumps, and a lot of love. I hope the next ten years will pass with less bumps and for us to learn to love each other more each day. We took a little trip to the ocean, took a whole bunch of pretty scenery, ate at great restaurants, and slept in a lovely hotel, with a fireplace in our room. It was a nice little get away, but even then we could not spend time before we got into an argument.... good things those don't last long with us...:)

This huge park we went to, was really beautiful. We took like a hundred photos just in that one place...

I just love the ocean. Its so majestic and so peaceful at the same time.

So many photos, so many memories. Good thing I have pictures to remind me of the trip we took, and the beauty I saw, for my memory will eventually forget, but then my mind will remember when I look at these beautiful photos.

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  1. Wow! Those are AMAZING pictures! Happy Anniversary!


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