Sunday, March 7, 2010

What does your book say about you?

Sometimes we fill our hours with empty things. I do a lot of that. The things that don’t really fill me up, the things that don’t let me grow, just empty calories, like junk food. The time is ticking, an hour gone, a day has passed, what do I have to show for it? What will be written in the book of Life, when I die? If every hour is an empty breath, and every day is a lost dream, what will I show to HIM, the Owner of me, when I come before Him? Empty promises? Unsolved problems? Unfulfilled dreams? Buried treasure of my soul?

Every time we do a good, kind deed, its like a flower in bloom, the fragrance of it will reach the heavens, and it will bear fruit. Also, every time instead of replying to someone in a mean, sharp way we choose to use a kind, loving way we are doing a beautiful, kind thing. Your book of life will not be empty. So lets be more kind to each other, more loving to our husbands, more forgiving to strangers, and teaching our children to be nice, and kind, and helpful, then our day will not go in vain. Then it means that this day has left a mark, maybe on someone’s soul, but mostly in your book of life.

Lets be like this tree.... blooming, the smell of spring in the air.

To Do List From God

I ran my life in search of worldly things;

My time and will were firmly in control.

I thought I had no need for what God brings;

I gave no heed to murmurs from my soul.

“You’re planning, doing all the time,” it said,

“But something else is missing deep inside.

Your mind is whirling, but your heart is dead,

So turn to God and let go of your pride.”

I did, and God said, “Here’s My plan for you:

Give your life to Me, and just let go.

Have faith and pray, and read the Bible through,

And you’ll have blessings more than you can know.”

So simple, yet it brings me perfect peace,

Living life for God the way I should.

Direction, purpose, fullness and release—

Life with God is very, very good.

By Joanna Fuchs

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  1. Thanks Lena, for the lovely poem. Hope you dont mind if I share it on FB...
    I do love your thoughts on meaningful days.


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