Monday, March 26, 2012

life as we know it...

Life with a newborn is tough. Its an adjustment, especially when you go to church with all 4 kids, and your husband sits in the front of the church, while you are all the way in the back with a crying, fussing infant, who wants to nurse 24/7, a whiny 3 year old, who is going through your diaper bag, taking everything out, trying to find a bag of snacks, and two older girls who talk in church and argue over a toy, or go to the bathroom every few minutes, while I am not looking. Ahhh! An adjustment for sure.

The weather was a bit chilly, and cold, but today its sunny, with little white clouds. It may be a very good day. I need to start working in my garden, planting seeds, planting flowers, waiting for things to grow.

I went to the local small public garden a few weeks ago, the weather was so warm that day. A true spring day. Look at all the beautiful flowers I got pictures of.

Spring is all about the flowers, sun, and warm air. I guess that is why we love it so much.:)

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  1. Gilbert is adorable, so cute!! and i love the flowers; we dont have spring in full bloom yet.


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