Thursday, February 9, 2012

New baby.

One day I was pregnant, and another day I was not.
One day I couldn't bend down to put my socks on, and another day I could even put my foot on my knee.
One day I was walking and waddling back and forth, and another day I am walking and hurting all over.
One day I couldn't sleep because I was so uncomfortable, and another day I cant sleep because a little someone is keeping me awake by nursing all night long.

I guess that is what happens when you get a new baby in your life, huh?

I had a little baby boy on Monday at 1:25am. Some babies just like being born at night. Everything went fine, and I got to take a little bundle of joy home. Now I am still tired, emotional, still a bit sore and tender, don't have much energy. But I am sure by the time our little guy turns 1 week I will feel better, or a bit like my old self.

There is always just so much to do. With spring underway, or at least in this part of the world, I want to start growing things, but not yet. I need to get my health back on tract. I just hate waiting, and resting, and feeling tired, sleepy, emotional, and so out of balance.

But its all worth it, when we have such a beautiful little gift from God that I get to hold, and kiss, and rock, and nothing is more sweet in this world as being someones mommy. :)


  1. Soon I will be in the same boat :)) and also writing about my days with a newborn.

    1. Yes, its all worth it in the end. Your time will come before you know it, so enjoy pregnancy the last weeks of it.


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