Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Summer is here to stay. Life is busy, I am working full time, my husband is home with his broken ribs, watching the girls. I try to enjoy summer with my girls, bringing them as much fun as we can manage, and I am glad that little things, like sprinklers and ice cream makes for a fun day for the girls...:)

What does summer mean to you? Pretty flowers....
Strawberries over ice scream...

I cut strawberies up, sprinkle with sugar, cook for about 10 minutes, and then we pour over vanilla ice cream or short cake... um, so good.

We had our fill of snap peas... so fresh and crispy.

Water is a nessesity during the summer. Nothing can survive without water, not even little girls..;)

And finally, summer is all about resting, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the beauty of a hot summer day, that God has blessed us with.

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