Thursday, September 18, 2014

No more coffee.

It has been a whole month now with no coffee. Can you believe it, me an avid coffee drinker, who could not function without my fist yummy cup of mocha, now is living without the black bitter goodness. I cant believe it myself. I still have a craving for it, and every time my coworkers are brewing a fresh mug of coffee, I feel my resolve wavering, but since I did this for health reasons, I am sticking to my no coffee road.

Here are the reasons why I quit:
1. Felt like it was an addiction for me, I could not function without my first sip.
2. The high of coffee would wear off by 10 am and I would be so tired.
2. I had insomnia, could not fall back asleep, even though I only had coffee in am.
3. My head felt heavy, muggy thoughts, could not concentrate.
4. It was getting to be an expensive treat, Mochas and frapuchinos add up.
5. I would get a migraine headache if for some reason I couldn't get my first sip of coffee by 9am.
6. Overall I did not care how it was affecting my body organs, read about the adrenal fatigue.

Here is how I feel a month with no coffee:
1. I feel great! I don't need to have my first sip and I can still function.
2. No more late morning fatigue, I feel energized and happy.
3. I lost 5 lbs, no mochas and no frapuchinos... tons of extra calories lost.
4. I sleep better, even if I do wake up, I fall back asleep faster.
5. I am happy that I am not stimulating my adrenal glands.
6. I am saving money.

So overall I am happy that I got to quit my coffee addiction, and even if in the future I would want a sip of coffee here and there, as long as I don't make it into a daily habit, it should be OK.

If you feel very tired and sleepy in the afternoon, it could be the coffee addiction.... or it could be the food we are eating, more on that in the future post.
This has become my drink of choice for the past few weeks. Green fruit smoothies!

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