Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why are we sick?

Why is there so much sickness in our churches? Why do people who are close to us, like relatives and friends get cancer, leukemia and have heart problems? When we do get sick why do we run to the doctors and start taking medications right away, and many times the medication does not help and we get more sick, more weak, more depressed, and more alone in our struggle. Why?

I was listening to some sermon the other day, where the preacher was saying that most sickness is from a sin in our life. That if our heart and soul is lovely, pure and clean, then we don't get sick. But if we have unforgiving, anger, jealousy, or strive in our heart, we are open to any kind of sickness.

There could be a small truth to it, but I believe that also our health is determined in what we eat. If we eat a lot of junk food, lots of sweets, with corn syrup in it, and our foods are full of chemicals and pesticides, then our health declines. Our immune system fails us, and we get sick.

I guess if you are sick, try to change the way you eat but also check out your soul and heart. Do you have someone who you cant forgive? Don't let them make you sick. Stay healthy -forgive them.

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