Monday, December 3, 2012

Stop and listen.

It’s funny how the everyday of life gets so busy that we can’t hear anything around us, everything turns into a big loud foggy noise.
Especially when we live in a big city, it’s so common for everyone to tune out all the unpleasant noises that surround us. I even know that people who live by the railroad train tracks get so immune to the loud noise of screaming, roaring train that they sleep through it, and don’t even notice them. Amazing what we tune out. We can tune our little kids as they yell and complain, while we play on the computer or watch TV.
We tune out the everyday of every minute that sometimes we tune out the every beautiful sound, like birds singing, wind whispering through the trees, rain beating on our window, or taking a walk through the dry fallen leaves and they crunch under our heavy feet. I noticed that the sounds of nature always seem to calm us down, while the manmade sounds are a bit nerve grindering and tend to make us tense and cranky.
Lets stop and listen next time you are outside, and hear nature speaking to your tired, rushed soul.

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  1. nice post thank you for sharing...blessings


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