Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to make a baby stop crying.

I was holding my super cranky 2 month old in my arms, as he kept fussing, crying, flapping his arms and legs all over. The only way he would take his nap if I was breastfeeding him and rocking him to sleep, as soon as I scooted away to do other 'normal mom duties', he would wake up to fuss again. So I was holding him, trying to calm him down, when my 5 year old came up, and asked why he was crying. I told her that possibly his tummy was upset. So in childish faith, she puts her hand on his tummy and in her clear voice she tells him, “May the Lord heal your tummy! Don’t worry baby, Jesus will heal you soon.” To my surprise the little one stopped crying and soon enough he fell into a quiet sleep. I was amazed! Truly only a child’s faith can do that. Try it; it may work for you as well.
So if you want your baby to stop crying, pray to God, who hears every whisper, and He will help you.
~~~Call to me and I will answer you. Jer 33:3~~~


  1. God is so faithful and hears the prayer of faith. Praise God!! It's a lesson for us adults for sure!

  2. Wow, that is just beautiful!!


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