Thursday, November 17, 2011

The benefits of coconut oil.

Lately I have been studying on coconut oil, the benefits of it, how healthy it is for us. I have found that it has many unique health benefits. Here are just some of them:
-it has high amounts of lauric acid, that is also found in mothers milk
-it is a natural antibiotic
-it is an immune-enhancer
-it is anti inflammatory, helps with infections, and inflammation
-it is antibacterial, kills bacteria
-it is antiviral, kills viruses, helps with the flu
-it protects the body from protozoa (parasites)
-it provides energy and nutrition to the whole body
-it protects the body from fungi, worms and yeast
-it makes the body work better, function better, metabolize better, defend better, heal better
-it has no side effects, safe on babies all the way to the elderly
-it is very beneficial on skin, helps with rashes, infections, cuts, blisters, burns, stretch marks, cellulite
-it is very good for your face and hair, helps with blemishes, wrinkles and zits
-it is helpful with a lot of diseases, helps to regulate cholesterol without drugs, helps with depression, mood swings, diabetes, cardiovascular health, arthritis, joint pain, and many other health issues

Isn't it amazing? Just read these books and you will agree with me.

Coconut cures.
Amazing stories on benefits of coconut oil.
Eat fat, lose fat.

There are a lot of information online about the benefits of coconut oil. You can investigate on your own. Its a myth that it has bad cholesterol, and that it is an unhealthy fat. Yes it is bad for you if you buy the hydrogenated coconut oil and not the organic virgin coconut oil. After I read about the amazing benefits of coconut oil, from many different sources, I started to give a teaspoon a day to my girls. I put some on my face to prevent wrinkles, and blemishes. I rub it on my very pregnant belly now, it helps with itching and stretchmarks. I love the smell of it, it absorbers very fast, and doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue. Oh, and the best part it regulates my weight even when I am pregnant. The body feels satisfied faster, I don't have the hunger pangs, and helps in preventing me eating high sugary foods, which are not that good for me. The picture didn't really turn out as good as I hoped, it is kind of dark. But here I am 28 weeks pregnant.

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