Monday, March 30, 2009

Medication or Herbs?

With having three little girls, I always have little ailments that I need to make better. My older little star, who is 4.8 years old, doesn't like to eat breakfast she is a very picky eater... so occasionally gets an upset stomach or just has no appetite. My little remedy that I occasionally use is peppermint tea, or chamomile tea, it calms her stomach and also gives her an appetite. Chamomile tea helps my 2 year old little flower, who has a great appetite, but she is going through the cry baby stage and the terrible twos.... so the tea calms her down, and its a great thing to have a little afternoon tea party with my little girls- gives me a reason to talk to them, to ask them their baby dreams, and their wishes.... Also, the peppermint tea help my infant little sunshine, she has little stomach upsets, and she gets gas in her tummy so that help relieves the pressure. For myself I enjoy drinking green tea which has so many healthy side benefits. I hope you will get to enjoy drinking tea as well and not for the health benefit but also for you to relax.

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