Monday, March 30, 2009

The basics first- my childhood.

I grew up in a very large, loud family. My parents were clueless in how to raise children, but they did the best they could. My mother was against birth control so in total she had 10 children. I was the oldest child, which made me her little helper quite early.
My earliest memory is of my mother locking me and my siblings in a room so she could do some house chores. I remember just sitting there, looking out the big windows outside, and trying to watch my little siblings, I was around five....
Another memory I have is my mother heavily pregnant going into labor one late evening, my father was away in another town selling our home grown tomatoes to make some money. Having no car, and not even knowing how to drive my mother called an ambulance from our neighbors phone, (we didn't own a phone) telling me to watch the kids, as she left. I remember waking up to my brothers yells "Mama!! Mama!!", he was standing on the porch.... Our father arrived later that day to find us home by ourselves, I was around four.....
When I was five my father took me to his sisters house in another city and left me with her for a month, after he got back to take me home I forgot him and didnt want to go with him.... the experience of staying there without my parents wasnt something I wanted and it left a lasting scar on my soul....
I was the babysitter for my siblings from then on... I remember when we were moving to America I was watching my 2 year old brother, I was so enthralled with the airplanes that I took my baby brother and stood by the protruded window watching the excitement... while my whole family was boarding... my mother realized that we were missing so there was a wide search going for us until the found us plastered to the big windows which protruded to the front and hidden us from view.

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