Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My love for photography.

Since I was a little girl I was in love with color, beauty, nature and capturing it on paper. I used to doodle on each little scrap of paper I would get my hands on. Sometimes I still do, even at work and that sometimes gets me into trouble. Drawing and painting kind of disappeared as soon as I got married, but the love for photography emerged. Taking pictures of all the lovely nature spots we went to, and later all the photos I took of my children, made my husband trow up his hands as he bought me a digital camera, tired of all the times we had to develop ALL the photos I took on film. :)

So far this is just a hobby I do. I especially love taking pictures of nature, of beautiful flowers you see on my blog. Maybe some day I will be able to turn it into money making business? who knows... it does not hurt to hope. Then I can leave my office work and work from home taking pictures and traveling, my two dreams.

What are your dreams? Are you living your dream? If "Yes", then you are very lucky and blessed. If its a "No", May God help you fulfill your dreams, and live the life you always wanted.

Here is a web page I found that possibly will help me in my search for getting MONEY for my pictures!!

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